Filter of the week - Best enjoyed black

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One-off order of our weekly filter roast bursting with light fruity flavours best enjoyed without milk. Think of a Pimms Cup for breakfast. Sounds delicious right?

This week’s coffee comes from the farms surrounding Las Lajas Micromill, in Costa Rica.

Roast 27-03-23

Tasting Notes Mango, Paw Paw, Lime

Variety Caturra

Process Yellow Honey

Elevation 1300-1550masl

Region Alajuela, Central Valley

Costa Rica is known for producing some of the world’s best honey and natural processed coffees. This lot has been delivered to Las Lajas Micromill from Cumbres de Poás farm. Las Lajas has been at the forefront of experimental drying techniques using temperature curves much the same way a profile roast would look. Owners Francisca and Oscar Chacón use a variety of innovative techniques including heaping to slow down drying time (after fermentation has finished) and alternating between moving the cherry and resting for up to a week during drying.

Brew Guide


7 days / 16.5g dose / 265ml filtered water / 93° / 2 minute 15 second extraction

14 days / 16.5g dose / 265ml filtered water / 93° / 2 minute extraction