Filter of the week - Best enjoyed black

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One-off order of our weekly filter roast bursting with light fruity flavours best enjoyed without milk. Think of a Pimms Cup for breakfast. Sounds delicious right?

This week’s coffee comes from Javier Rubio’s farm, El Líbano, in Colombia

Tasting Notes Honey, Plum, Cocoa Nibs

Variety Caturra

Process Anaerobic washed

Elevation 1600-1650masl

Region Gaitania, Tolima

This coffee was grown by Javier Rubio at the farm El Libano. The coffee was carefully hand-picked to select the ripest cherries before being fermented for 40 hours in an oxygen-excluded environment. Cherries were then pulped, gently washed, and sun-dried until ideal moisture content was achieved. This micro lot is 100% Caturra. Caturra is a natural mutation of Bourbon and originated in Minas Gerais Brazil.

Roast 21-11-22

Brew Guide / V60

14.5g dose / 250ml filtered water / 96° / 2 minute 30 second extraction