Filter of the week - Best enjoyed black

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One-off order of our weekly filter roast bursting with light fruity flavours best enjoyed without milk. Think of a Pimms Cup for breakfast. Sounds delicious right?

This weeks coffee is from the farms of José Mercedes Flores, in Honduras.

Tasting Notes Candied Orange, Caramel, Honey

Variety Lempira, Catuai

Process Anaerobic Honey

Elevation 1620masl

Region Cabañas, La Paz

Finca Los Cipreces owes its name to the Cypress trees embellishing the farm with their beauty and fragrance. José has always loved growing coffee since he learned as a child. Now his wife, Sandra, helps him pick and process the coffee during the harvest. José says “I have been working in coffee since I was 14 years old, and in specialty coffee for 3 years. I started with 1,000 plants. My life has been difficult, but with effort, we have been able to get ahead.” Still, José is motivated to continue producing great coffee, having quality processing and superior management practices.

Roast 26-9-22

Brew Guide / Pourover / V60 16.5g dose / 245ml filtered water / 96 degrees / 3 minute extraction