Filter of the week subscription

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One-off order of our weekly filter roast bursting with light fruity flavours best enjoyed without milk. Think of a Pimms Cup for breakfast. Sounds delicious right?

This weeks coffee is from the farms of Columbia.

It has notes of Pear, Raspberry and Jasmine!

In 1860, Lorenzo Cuellar, a rich landowner founded “Hacienda El Quebradón”. When he died, the hacienda was inherited by his 16 siblings who sold the land off to settlers. This region became a coffee-growing community. Today, 20 coffee growers are focused on producing high quality coffee under the name Los Lorenzos, honouring Lorenzo. “Los Lorenzos has a bright yet balanced acidity with a juicy body resulting in a very special cup.”



Notes of Pear, Raspberry and Jasmine